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CargoTenders – tender is an online platform that provides all the necessary help in easy searching of freight companies to the specific needs of clients.

Having in it is database more than 5000 registered companies, almost the entire territory of Russia or Europe, we are always able to offer to customers the optimal choice, regardless of requirements, price, required delivery speed or any characteristics of the cargo.

Tendering involves the desire of the participants to show themselves in a favorable light. Along with CargoTenders the carriers will do it just especially for you.

Targeting , how it works

CargoTenders System works with strict focus on the individual requirements of each customer, selecting the perfect proposal, on the basis of information specified by the customer.

After placing the application on page CargoTenders, the possibility of participation in the tender goes only to those carriers that best match the query is working in a particular region carriers or partners whose vehicles are in close proximity.

The story of each cargo and its delivery is always unique. Considering every detail, CargoTenders tell this story in the shortest time and for lowest possible price.

Best suggestion

Algorithms CargoTenders aim to simplify all the research for the best deals, however the procedure of the client system, in fact, defines himself.

Formation of proposals on the principle of automatic information processing which is entered by the customer during creation of the request and includes such indicators as price, delivery time, supplier and other.

After processing, the system prepares a list of the best deals in the categories of price and execution time. The final decision in the selection, of course, is for the client, but the principle of operation CargoTenders – offers that are almost impossible to refuse.


All transport carried out through the system CargoTenders insured. In the case of any unforeseen situations along the line of insurance risks, the company CargoTenders takes all responsibility and undertakes to fully compensate for any damage.

We guarantee the client quality, delivery of goods, based on its requirements and the supplier's timely payment for the service in its entirety.

Any cargo transportation which is carried out through the system CargoTenders is always safe and profitable deal for both parties.